3 Dental Health Resolutions to Make and How to Keep Them

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Happy New Year! We’re thankful for a new year of providing you with reliable dental care and we know that this year will be even better than the last.

A new year bring new opportunities. The opportunity to lose weight, land our dream job, meet new people, and most importantly, to improve our health. Here at the Ricardo Chavez, DDS General Dentistry, we’re passionate about helping our clients find easy to follow ways of making the health of their teeth a priority. We believe that the easier it is for you to follow a routine of dental care, the better you’ll feel about yourself in the long run. That’s why we’re recommending the following three resolutions for 2019:

Resolution #1: Schedule your dental visits well in advance.

When you’re at the dentist you are usually asked: “Would you like to schedule your next visit?” Generally, it’s hard to plan for something that’s months in advance but when you choose to schedule your next appointment, you are more likely to see the dentist within the recommended time frame. Plus, even if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing six months from now or if you’ll be able to make it, you can always reschedule to a time that’s more fitting. Having the date set in your calendar means that you know when’s the next time you should see your dentist.  

Resolution #2: Floss at least once a day.

Ah, flossing. You either hate it or despite it. For most people, flossing is hard to incorporate into their routine. However, making it a goal to floss every day is well worth the work. Unfortunately, even if you spend the recommended two minutes of brushing your teeth, there is still hard to reach areas that require the use of floss. One way to think of floss is like a ladder. Sometimes, even if you’re six feet tall, you need a ladder to reach something that’s simply not within your arm’s length.

Resolution #3. Switch out your toothbrush every six months.

It’s a good rule of thumb to keep: every six months throw out your toothbrush and get a new one. The reason for switching out your toothbrush is important is because the bristles of the brush will collect harmful bacteria within months of use. Additionally, the bristles will get worn out and no longer perform at their optimal level, leaving your teeth less clean than desired. The next time you buy a toothbrush, make a reminder on your calendar when’s the next time you should toss it and invest in a new one. Consider buying a pack that comes with more than one, this way, when the time does come, the new toothbrush will be waiting for you.

Schedule Your Next Dental Visit by Calling Ricardo Chavez, DDS in El Paso Today

We have a great feeling about 2019! We know that making resolutions isn’t always ideal, especially when it involves things that we tend to put on the back-burner like flossing and shopping for a new toothbrush. But we know that once you begin incorporating these easy to follow tips into your routine, your teeth and the health of your gums will be positively impacted in no time! Make the first step toward placing a higher priority on your teeth by scheduling your next dentist appointment. At Ricardo Chavez, DDS we offer affordable dental services for the entire family. Give a call today to learn more!

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