Routine Exams and Teeth Cleanings for the Entire Family

 dental exams, teeth cleanings

It’s a rule of thumb that you should have your teeth cleaned once every six months but the reality is that for many of us, scheduling even one cleaning per year is difficult. We’re here to help change that. At Ricardo Chavez, DDS General Dentistry, we place a commitment on teeth cleaning and routine exams to the point that we have made these services the most affordable in town!

One of the most common reasons for a lack of dental care is financial difficulties. We know that many families struggle to make ends meet and many health needs are placed on the backburner as a result. The inability to afford necessary routine exams or teeth cleaning is why we’ve committed to providing prices that allow for you and your entire family to be seen. We stress the importance of routine exams and teeth cleanings in order to keep your teeth healthy and to avoid the risk of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.  

What to Expect at an Exam and Teeth Cleaning

Even if you floss, brush, and use mouthwash on a daily basis, there is still the need to see a dentist. A routine exam is important for several reasons. For one, it’s impossible for you to detect your own cavities. You may get a hunch that something is wrong when your teeth begin to ache but if the symptoms go away within a few days, you may easily forget that you had pain to begin with. In addition to checking for cavities, our dentist will check the health of your gums. Dr. Chavez will make sure your gums are not at risk of gingivitis and will offer further recommends based on what he discovers.  

Since the plaque on your teeth cannot be removed at home, it’s necessary to have it removed through a routine cleaning. During a cleaning, our dental professionals will perform what is known as scaling, this involves removing tartar and plaque from teeth. Once your teeth have been scaled, it will be time to polish them. A paste that removes stains from your teeth will be used. The final aspect of a cleaning involves flossing. If you’re thinking “I already do this at home!” not to worry, professional flossing is more thorough. The goal of a teeth cleaning session is to leave your teeth feeling and looking cleaner than ever!      

Schedule Your Exam and Teeth Cleaning Today!

All it takes is one visit! We promise that once you realize how affordable and easy it is to make dental care part of your routine, you’ll never think twice. Our dental clinic has always known the struggles of finding affordable dental care that is also trustworthy, which is why our commitment to serve you has been strong since day one!

To learn more about our special pricing on exams, teeth cleaning, and X-rays, please connect with us today!   

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