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Routine Exams and Teeth Cleanings for the Entire Family

It’s a rule of thumb that you should have your teeth cleaned once every six months but the reality is that for many of us, scheduling even one cleaning per year is difficult. We’re here to help change that. At Ricardo Chavez, DDS General Dentistry, we place a commitment on teeth cleaning and routine exams […]

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Why a Pediatric Dentist is the Best Choice for Your Child

Did you know that teeth start growing immediately in the first six months of life? Most children cut their first tooth between 4 to 7 months of age. Baby teeth, or milk teeth, are your child’s first set of teeth, but that doesn’t mean that they do not require the right amount of dental care […]

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Cavities in Kids: How to End this Terrible Cycle

It may seem inevitable but your child does not have to suffer the recurring pain of cavities. We often assume that at some point our child will develop a cavity given the nature of this ongoing battle. And while yes, cavities are more prevalent in children, you can incorporate methods of prevention early on. Since […]

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